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Retronix is a business founded in 1992 by Tony Boswell. We offer a unique set of technology solutions aimed at reducing manufacturing costs and improving production efficiency in the electronics PCBA industry.

Originating in the UK, we now operate in the Americas, Asia & many countries in Europe.
Our quality and innovation are the two main reasons that our company has been – and continues to be – successful.

Our investment in people, factories, processes and equipment is accelerating to meet the continuing demands of the industry.

We are audited by our high reliability customers and the fact that we are a preferred supplier to many of the market leaders is testimony to our track record and the quality of our services.

Our most recent development is a new top of the line system which will set a new benchmark for an advanced and reliable laser reballing service. Retronix are the only company with approvals from such customer as Leonardo Company, BAE Systems, Martin Baker Air Craft Company and many more high reliability companies are realising the need to minimise the amount of reflows you give any single component therefore using a laser to perform the reballing is the only way to guarantee that there is no long term damage to the silicon.

Please feel free to contact us , or email us on info@retronix.com