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Industry Leaders In Automated Component Re-tinning & Alloy Conversion

Alloy Conversion
Alloy Conversion

Retinning : Automated process for converting IC’s from Lead-Free Solder to Lead and vice versa. Safe process for refreshing contacts on IC’s.

Alloy Conversion Process

BGA Reballing
BGA Reballing

Unique laser BGA reballing that allows an innovative alternative to mass reflow of spheres & potentially damaging reflow cycle.

BGA reballing process

IC Test
Component Test

Retronix are considered one of the industry leaders in IC tests that vigorously check for faulty, fake or damaged components.

Testing and quality control

PCB Services
PCB Services

Retronix offers a suite of PCB repair & rework services in a fully controlled ESD compliant facility, working to recognised IPC & JEDEC standards.

Repair, inspection & rework


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Our Key Sectors

Defence / Aerospace

Retronix offers PCB repair and rework services in a fully controlled ESD compliant facility.


We help eliminate the threat posed by faulty, substandard and counterfeit components.

Broker / IC Supplier

Counterfeit components are not easily recognized. They might be remarked or disguised.

Electronic Service Repair

Labour supply is a service we have been supplying to the PCBA & repair industry for 20 years.